Jun 10, 2019 · The Fieldwork Company For some time now, VTOL drones have entered the field of aerial mapping. These Vertical Takeoff and Landing drones offer the flexibility and ease of use of a multirotor combined with the range and stability of a fixed wing UAV. At The Fieldwork Company we have been using both fixed wing and []. "/>

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Using the WingtraOne VTOL drone to 3D capture 200ha of land for a solar farm project in Wales. Using 3D mapping to save clients significant budget and time, with almost nil impact on site operations. Atkins Engineering and project management consultancy We completed a 1km drone survey of the sea wall and rock defences for a railway line. WingtraOne. The WingtraOne is a tail-sitting VTOL unmanned aerial vehicle developed in Switzerland by Wingtra AG. Powered by two electric motors, it is designed primarily for use in precision agriculture and surveying roles, or for light payload delivery to rural areas..

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